The Story of how the KnowMe’s came to be 


We loved the pond at billy foxes memorial park, it was gorgeous part of nature and flush full of life. There were frogs and their spawn as well as newts which are rare little creatures. One day a few months ago Alan was taking his friends who were visiting to see the beautiful area. When they arrived at the park they were horrified to realise that the pond had gotten filled in with cement, killing all of the wildlife that had previously flourished in it. We were filled with anger and sadness,so we focused our energy and created the empathetic little beings that are the KnowMe’s. KnowMes are beautiful peaceful creatures. Their hands are tied behind their backs as they cannot physically stop the inhumane actions of ‘humanity’. They don't have mouths as they and all the animals cannot speak and plead with humans to stop destroying the earth. Their eyes are full of depth and sadness as they use their eyes to portray how sad and upset they are that their homes are being destroyed. Their little feet are the only way that they can try to escape the environmental disaster that humans are causing to their natural habitats and to the earth. KnowMe’s are hoping that we will all listen to them when they tell us that we need to stop damaging the earth before its too late. Humans need to realise that they are apart of the earth not more important than it.

We came up with the name ‘KnowMe’s’ as we wish for humans to understand their role as part of nature and to realise that everyone must work together in harmony.


  • Original - One of a Kind 

    Original Design

    Hand made 

    Hand Painted 

    Made from Recycled materials. 

    Body made from high quaility resin