The Celtic Fairy Collection

produce premium  quality handmade magical Irish fairy creations.

Handmade in Co. Cavan, Ireland.

Welcome to The Celtic Fairy Collection 

Handmade Art Collectables inspired by long forgotten Irish Folklore and Mythology.

Each and every one of our creations are handmade with love using only the finest quality materials. 

Our Creations will bring the beauty and magic of Ireland into your home. 

The Fairies will spark the imagination of both young and old. 

Fairy Doors, Fairy Furniture and our unique One Of A Kind KnowMe's will all bring a serene energy and life to your garden or home. 

Our enchanting KnowMe's have become the true and loyal friends and helpers of the fairies. 

Handmade in Ireland

 Unique | Magical | Regal 

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