Our Core Range 

Our core range consists of Handmade Celtic Fairy Doors, Personalisable Fairy Doors, Mushroom Houses, Fairy Door Magnets and KnowMe's. Please look through the photographs below to see some of our creations and to read the story of how our KnowMe's came to be.

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This is the story of how our KnowMe’s came to be.  We loved the pond at Billy Foxes Memorial Park, it was gorgeous part of nature and flush full of life, Frogs, Newts, Butterflies, Dragon flies and rare blue Damsel flies where among some of the beautiful creatures which graced this little haven of wildlife. We looked forward every year to seeing the flush of life return to this magical pond in spring time.


 In 2019 we went to visit only to find that the magical pond had been completely filled in and destroyed. We were distraught. We were filled with anger and sadness, so we focused our energy and created the empathetic little beings that are the KnowMe’s which reflect in their colours all the richness and diversity of the nature that is no longer living there. This hub of nature was destroyed by uncaring bureaucracy .


 When you take a KnowMe into your home we want it to represent the spirit and beauty of the nature that resides all around you, and to act as a reminder to be mindful as you are the true guardians of our planet. KnowMes are beautiful peaceful yet forlorn creatures who are mourning the loss of their land. 


 They are tied as they cannot physically stop the inhumane actions of ‘humanity’. They cannot speak and plead with humans to stop destroying the earth. Their eyes are full of depth and sadness and yet full of hope.  As they use their eyes to portray how upset they are that their homes are being destroyed. Their little feet are the only way that they can try to escape the environmental disaster that humans are causing to their natural habitats and to the earth. KnowMe’s are hoping that we will understand what they are attempting convey to us, that we need to stop damaging the earth before its too late. Humans need to realise that they are apart of the earth not more important than it. 


Our KnowMe’s are beautiful OOAK art collectable sculptures and are unlike anything else that you can buy on the Irish market. Created with the finest materials that we can procure they have a rustic, earthy yet a royal and regal, beauty. We try our very best to source as many recycled materials as possible to incorporate into our work. All the colours and textures used on our KnowMe’s you will find are reflected in nature at some level. Each KnowMe is packaged in a quality box to ensure the safety of your KnowMe. Included in the box is a photograph of the KnowMe, its range number and a photograph of the whole collection that the specific KnowMe is a part of.

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Handmade OOAK Art Dolls called KnowMe's

Collection one of KnowMe's 2019